Getting your house ready to sell can be challenging! If you’ve lived in your house for any length of time, it can be hard to see those little things that are out of place in your home. After all, you live there!

But staging your home for photographs is an absolute must! Great-looking photographs can help attract that one perfect buyer and, according to, may even help your home sell faster and for closer to your listing price.

That’s why the Kevin Allen Jones Home Team has compiled this short list of practical things you can do to help make your house look incredible for photographs.

1. Turn on all lights.

No matter what time of day your house is being photographed, walk throughout each room of your house and turn on all the lights. Put lamps in dark corners, replace burned out and missing bulbs, and turn on all lamps. The brighter your house looks, the better the pictures will look.

2. Turn off the ceiling fans.

Turn off all your ceiling fans. Moving ceiling fans will make pictures look blurry, unfocused and unprofessional. Make sure they are turned off before pictures are taken.

3. Clean up!

Clean up your stuff. Put your toothbrushes and toiletries in the drawer. Put dirty towels in the laundry basket. Clear off the counters and put your food and dishes away. The more clutter-free your house looks, the better the pictures will look.

4. Open the blinds.

Opening all the blinds in your house will let the natural light in and will help to brighten your entire house. No need to put them all the way up, just open the slats and make sure they look good and even. Just following this one simple step can help give pictures of your home a fresh, airy and open look.

5. Put the toilet seat down!

Remember when your mom told you to put the toilet seat down after you use it? Potential buyers like toilet seats down too! Having toilet seats up looks sloppy. So put your toilet seats down. It just looks better!

Interested in selling your house? Following these 5 practical tips will help to make the process go more smoothly for you and will help you to get clean, professional-looking photos of your home.

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