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The Home Buyer Q & A: Knowing What You Want in a New Home

You’ve been talking about it for months – or even years – and now you’re finally ready to contact a real estate agent and begin shopping for a home. Or perhaps you just got notice of a job transfer and you need to find a new place quickly.

Our goal as real estate agents is to help buyers find the right home at the right price. Once you’ve found someone you feel is a good fit, be ready for some initial Q&A with your agent before you start looking at homes.

If you’ve not yet made that call, or you’re just getting started with the home-buying process, here are 10 things your agent will want to know (well really, there are more than 10). This information will help your agent narrow the search and increase the chances of finding you that right home, at the right price.

First Things First

Before moving forward, your new agent will want to know if you’ve already been working with another agent. If so, you’ll want to clarify that you have not signed a representation agreement with anyone else. We’re always happy to help but never want to step on toes or steal someone else’s client!

  • Have you talked to any other real estate agents regarding your home search?
  • Have you contracted with another agent before this one?
  • Have you been provided information About Brokerage Services?

With that out of the way, you can now move on to the checklist for your specific home search.

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The Fun Stuff

Below are questions your agent will likely ask, so the more of these you can answer at your first meeting, the better. This information helps your agent serve you better, keeps the process more efficient, and increases the chances of finding your home quickly.

  1. All of your current contact information. Name, current address, email, and phone numbers.
  2. Names of everyone who will be living in the home. This includes children, extended family, and even pets.
  3. Property use. Will this be your primary residence, second home, or investment property? It’s also helpful if you have an idea of how long you plan to stay in this home. Is this a starter home, or are you looking for something to settle down in for the long-term?
  4. Time frame. How soon are you wanting—or needing—to move?
  5. Location. Is there a particular geographic area(s) or school distract you prefer?
  6. Type of property. Are you looking for a house, townhouse, condo? New construction or pre-owned? One- or two-story? Acreage?
  7. Size. Are you looking for a certain number of square feet? Are there a minimum number of bedrooms, baths, or even garage spaces you need?
  8. Your Top 5. What are the five most important features you’re looking for in a home? Things like a large back yard, number of bedrooms, size of kitchen, or features such as a pool.
  9. Not-necessary-but-nice. What are other features that aren’t necessary, but you’d love to see with your new property? Is there a particular architectural style you prefer? Are there specific upgrades or details you’d love to see incorporated? Granite counter tops? Garden tub?
  10. Financing. Your real estate agent will need some information about your financial picture, not because they’re being nosy, but so they can find the right house for you. No one will be happy if you find a house you love and then find out you can’t afford it. Here are some important pieces of information that will be pertinent to your home search:
    1. How you intend to pay for the property – cash or financing.
    2. If you’re financing, whether or not you’ve been pre-approved for a loan.
    3. If you’re yet pre-approved, whether you’ve yet submitted an application.
    4. If you have been pre-approved, for what amount?
    5. Do you have a down payment? How much do you plan on putting down?

You may not have all the answers right away. After all, shopping for a new home can be a bit overwhelming. The good news is, this is not a test, so you aren’t required to have all the answers! A good agent will guide you through the process, and armed with the right information, can make the home-buying process an exciting journey.

Good luck!

Have a question about the home buying process? We are here to help! Give us a call or fill out the contact form and we will answer your questions!